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Redlands Centre for Women

The Redlands Centre for Women (RCW) is a place where women meet to have a good time together.

The women that are part of the RCW come from a great variety of backgrounds, forming a diverse and unique community. Our aim is to uplift women by sharing knowledge, supporting each other and by forming friendships.

We offer a variety of activities ranging from being creative, going for walks, making care packs or just getting together for a nice cuppa or a meal and to share a few laughs.

Our Social Events

At the RCW we offer a variety of social events.  We get together to share books we have read and sometimes we get together purely to share a nice cuppa or a delicious meal and to have a good time.

Our Creative Activities

We have a couple of creative groups happening. What we do is not difficult and there are always lovely ladies on hand to help.  As with all groups the main focus is on being together and enjoying each other’s company.

Redlands Active Women

If you enjoy being outdoors, discovering new places, and being active with like-minded women, then RAW is for you.  It is a great way to connect with and to meet new friends, be physically active and participate in some fun events.

Our Care Packs

We create two types beautiful care packs; The Pink Pamper Packs are for women who are experiencing some kind of hardship and the Nurture Packs are for women who give birth at the Redlands Hospital.

Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved in the RCW. You can become a member and participate in our activities. You can become a volunteer and help us when needed. You can make a donation. One option does not exclude the others.

Young Mums Connect

This is a group for young mothers aged 15 to 24. It provides postnatal support at their weekly meet-ups. This is a free service and it offers a friendly, informal and fun atmosphere for young mums to connect and spend time together.

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