About the

Redlands Centre for Women

The Redlands Centre for Women (RCW) is a place where women meet to have a good time together.  We run a variety of activities and events to give women in our local community the opportunity to uplift each other with knowledge, support and friendships.

Our Cottage is located in Cleveland in South East Queensland.  Some of our activities take place at the Cottage however; we also visit different locations in the Redlands and beyond.

A group of dedicated and passionate volunteers runs the RCW.

Our Mission

 The Redland Centre for Women exists to:


Uplift and encourage women to take charge of and improve their lives, to provide opportunities for sharing knowledge and to support them around topics that are important to them. The RCW helps women to connect and to make lasting friendships.


Provide women in the Redlands with a sense of belonging to a community, so they do not feel isolated.


Give women an opportunity to share their experiences, connect with others who are going through a similar experience, and know that they are not alone in their situation or experience.

We will achieve our purpose through ongoing consultation and collaboration with members, clients and community partners invested in positive health and well-being outcomes for women and families.

Our Values


RESPECT – We accept the individual needs, challenges and contributions of all persons. We earn trust by setting high standards of confidentiality, compassion and support.


INCLUSION – We support and reflect our community, acknowledging the diversity of people and their challenges, needs and contributions.


COLLABORATION – We work hard as a team to achieve optimum results for our clients/members and community. We respect all with whom we interact and honour all voices.


ACCESS – We believe in the right of all women and girls to access education, information and support that meets their respective needs, in a safe and welcoming environment.


SERVICE – We believe that our clients/members are best served by warm and caring interactions and services, supported by referral to appropriate organisations and agencies.

The history of the Redlands Centre for Women

Star of the Sea Parish (Cleveland) challenged its parishioners to grow a $100.00 into a sizeable donation to help others in need in our community. Katrina Beutel took up this challenge and gathered together a group of her friends to form a committee and launch the Pink Pamper Pack (PPP) project. The PPP project aimed to donate two packs per week to women struggling through difficult times.

The PPP’s were launched at a High Tea Fundraiser on 8th March 2008. Sufficient funds were raised to distribute two packs per week for a year.

In November 2011 Pink Pamper Packs became Redlands Centre for Women Incorporated. A management committee of 10 local Redland’s women were formed to work with Founder and Coordinator Katrina Beutel and Tammie Addley was appointed as the first President of Redland Centre for Women Inc.

In May 2013, Redlands Centre for Women achieved Charity and DGR status.

2017 Winner of Redland City Council Australia Day Award – Community Organisation of the Year

The group coordinators for the

Redlands Centre for Women

All the groups run by the RCW are facilitated by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Please, take a moment to meet some of the our coordinators who keep our events and activities going.

Social Craft Group

I joined the RCW in 2016 to become involved in the One Million Stars project.  In 2017 along with Yolande we joined forces to co-ordinate a new group The Social Craft Group. 

I enjoy meeting other ladies and sharing time and some interesting craft with them.  I value the friendships I have made at the centre and am constantly amazed at what can be achieved when women work together for a common goal.

Social Craft Group

I have lived in the Redlands for over 30 years and joined RCW as a Volunteer in 2016. At the time I saw the Centre as an opportunity to contribute to my community, meet new people and make some new friends.

Along the way I have been involved with the Annual High Teas, part of the Events team and for the last 4 years have been the Social Craft Coordinator in partnership with Wendy. I have always enjoyed all sorts of crafts and love the fun and friendship of our craft group

Pink Pamper Packs

I have lived in the Redlands since 2003 and runs a small business with her husband.

I have volunteered at the Redlands Centre for Women since 2015 and have been involved in the High Tea Committee and am also the Events Team Co-ordinator.

I participate in Craft Group, Raw Walk and Coffee Chats and am very passionate about bringing women together in our Community.

Raw Walks

I became involved with the RCW a year and a half ago. I had liked their Facebook page 3 years prior, and one day a post came up about Diamond Painting. I recognised one of the ladies in the photo and decided to give it a go. Now I’m a full-blown member and attend many of the activities. 

I LOVE being a member of this amazing Community Group (RCW), because of the like-minded people and the fun that we share. I love the enthusiasm and the support from the members in all our groups and that there is a diverse range of activities to take part in. Our group of ladies are also very diverse and this adds to our culture at the RCW. 

RAW Sunset Walk

I moved to the Redlands in 2017 and I only knew a few people in the area.

Last year I became a member of the RCW in the hope of making friends. As a lover of walking and a member of the RCW, it did not take long before I chose to combine the two passions and volunteered to run the RAW Sunset Walks during the summer months.

I have found that this Centre is a wonderful community to be part of. I am happy to say I have made friends and gained so much more thought the RCW.

Monday Coffee Chat

I have been involved with the RCW since it was first opened. I’ve followed the many changes and how it has grown over the years. During this time so many women have benefitted from being part of the Centre.

For a few years I was on the Annual High Tea committee and I was also part of the committee for the Redlands Women’s Expo

I have learnt so many things from the other women at the RCW and I enjoyed being part of this local community.

We are grateful to

Our wonderful Sponsors

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